No Crowds Clear Skies And Great Prices Make November The Best Time To Visit


May and October, so you may notice the odd rain shower early on in November, but what is a trip to the Amazon Rainforest with experiencing one real-life Amazonian shower November in Phuket: The weather in Phuket is perfect for a family holiday in November. The beginning of November is the start of high season. The monsoons are between?

Best Time To Visit Phuket

Here are some of the comments on Trip Advisor about the weather in Phuket during November:

Our November trip last year was fine and beaut the whole time. Seas were calm and we got in several snorkelling trips.”

“Go, it’s Fabulous! We had a fantastic honeymoon here and will definitely be going back”

“We went to Phuket on the 9th November for two weeks and had lovely weather during the day with the odd rain and lightning around 6pm”

“I would happily go back in November or December because it was always warm and we had a lovely time.”

“We were there November for nearly 2 weeks and had very little rain… I think it rained 3 times in 13 days and not for long… you should be fine…

“Don’t miss the Loy Krathong festival in November on the full moon… absolutely gorgeous… Hundreds of lanterns released into the sky and water… Really pretty!”

If you do get a rain shower in Phuket in November, 30 minutes later it’s sunshine and beach again. Don’t worry though, there’s plenty to do, just pop into one of the fascinating Boho Boutiques, Restaurants or Bars to get out of the rain. It’s a great excuse to go shopping!

The climate of Phuket falls into the Southwest monsoon and Northwest monsoon winds and sea breezes. The Phuket mountain range blocks the Southwest monsoon winds, which is why November is the start of the high season and is a perfect time to get away from those dark nights and frosty mornings at home.

Is it crowded in Phuket in November? November is the start of high season on Phuket but it certainly won’t be crowded. All the beaches in Phuket are sandy, so the choice of which one is up to you.

Choose a beach in Phuket during November: You can choose a remote paradise beach, for a quiet retreat, or one of the busier beaches with Bars and Restaurants alongside. You name it, Phuket has it all.

Romance in Phuket in November: For a nice romantic trip to Maya Bay in November, why not book a Tour with Captain Mark. He only takes small groups and will take you to places where you won’t see anyone else all day. Visit the beautiful mangroves and find a perfect place to pop the question to your loved one.

November in Phuket is perfect for sailing trips. The days have plenty of warm sunshine and it’s not too humid, so perfect for relaxing on the clear blue sea with no crowds and no noise, just the sound of the breeze and the tropical birds flying overhead.

Phuket is a perfect place to learn how to surf, because it just doesn’t get crowded. The height of the waves are great for learning and it is not as powerful  or dangerous as some other places but Phuket is much more friendly.

Temperatures will be around 30°C in November and as the rains die down at the end of October, the Andaman Sea settles into a calm and tranquil vista where you can forget about your busy deadlines at home and completely relax.

There is always plenty of relaxing activities in Phuket during November. Spend an afternoon diving amidst the limestone islands, or go bird watching in the rainforest, relaxing in a spa or go hiking through the jungle. Whichever one you choose, the peace and quiet is a perfect way to get away from all the hustle and bustle of life.

Great Prices for visiting Phuket in November: During the high-season months, the 5 Star resorts can be pricey, but in November you can get astonishing deals. Phuket is a family friendly place to stay with plenty of secluded beaches just a short walk away. It is ideal for those coming to relax, although you can take a shuttle into Patong if you want to shop or indulge.

The guest reviews about Phuket in November all say that the modest prices are a great surprise for such a luxurious place to stay and The Chava Resort is certainly on of the most luxurious.  Book now and find how just how affordable our luxury truly is.

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