Spas Yoga And Fitness At Surin Beach


Holidays at Surin Beach are all about sun, sea and relaxation, and there is no better way to relax than in one of the many Spas’, Fitness Centre’s, or Yoga Classes close to Surin Beach. Relax and experience your holiday of a lifetime.

If you have never tried Yoga then Surin Beach is the perfect place to have a go. Steeped in tradition, this relaxation technique is now practiced.

Experienced Gym junkies won’t be disappointed at Surin Beach. From the smaller independent and private Gym’s, where you can have personal instruction and one-on-one coaching; to the large, ultra-Gyms than have every machine you could ever need, there is something for everyone.

The Chaba Spa: Boasts of a place to surrender to your senses, where you can unite mind and body for total relaxation. They provide therapists that have been specially trained in Swedish, Thai and Indian techniques to offer you a complete massage experience that will work wonders on both body and mind.

They combine the latest aroma and hot stone therapies as well as a wide range of packages that will have you pampered for as little as an hour or for the entire day.  Let yourself be immersed in the Chaba experience and discover just how wonderful a spa visit can be.

The Hide Away Day Spa: In the Buddhist tradition of achieving balance, this spa uses aromatherapy, sauna and traditional Thai massage to bring your body and soul into perfect balance.  This holistic approach can have a profound effect on your sense of wellbeing and with location at Laguna it’s easy to get there and back, hassle free.

Out Chava team will be happy to make all of your arrangements for either of these services.

Sumalee Boxing Gym: Thai Boxing may or may not seem like a great fit for a holiday at the beach but if you’re among those that think not, you might be surprised.  The benefits of Thai boxing in developing a healthy body has been recognised for centuries and is a well suited to just about every age and level of fitness.

If you’re thinking it’s only for those that want to fight, do think again.  Yes, it is a fighting technique but it uses the entire body and that makes it a great way to develop strength, coordination and aerobic health.  It’s also helps build self-confidence especially for youngsters, this can be a wonderful way to put an end to the distress bullies cause in our kids.

As an added benefit, this gym is just minutes from a pristine 6km stretch of beach that they use to great effect for weekend training programs.  Working out in the fresh beach air with the gentle sound of the breaking waves as accompaniment is an experience you are sure to fall in love with.

Check out their customer reviews on Tripadvisor and then check in with the Chava team who will be happy to arrange your sessions.

Yoga Classes at Surin Beach: Explore your spirituality or expand your knowledge with one of the many Yoga classes in the area. It is a great way to get fit and to connect with your inner beauty.

Try the Warm Yoga Studio with Tomasz Goetel: A specialist centre in Phuket that is entirely dedicated to Yoga situated in Thalang District so it’s quick and easy to get to from The Chava. This studio pays special attention to beginners so even if you’ve had no experience you’ll feel welcome and enjoy something that could become an integral part of your daily health regimen.

Hot Yoga is done in a room temperature at 38 to 40 degrees, which improves blood circulation, making the body more flexible and improving heartbeat. This can be a great weight-loss regime and is an excellent way to use all the muscles in the body, as well as balancing your body, mind and spirit.

The traditional Hatha style Yoga is also available and some teachers incorporate this with Pilates to boost the benefit to the abdominal muscles. Use it to stay as well as to lose weight. Explore the many different poses and routines for each, if you dare!

Learn more about this studio and the various types of yoga here.

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