The Chava Resort 2015 Travellers Choice Award


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Of the Top 25 Hotels for Families in all of Thailand, The Chava Resort is #6 – Up from 10th place last year.


This elite 2015 Travellers Choice Award honor is awarded to just the top 1% of all hotels on TripAdvisor, based on reviews and opinions from millions of travellers.


Just because we say it doesn’t make it true.  We can use all the superlatives in the world to describe how great we think we are but unless our guests agree we are wasting our breath.  It is what others say about us that tells the real story.  Their unsolicited opinions say more about us than we could ever say about ourselves and they are telling the world we are one of the very best.

TripAdvisor provides a fantastic platform for regular travellers to rate their travel experiences and the best part is the reviews that are posted are all real and totally unsolicited.  These are everyday people just like you and me and that makes their reviews worth considering when you go about planning a trip.

Each year TripAdvisor evaluates all the reviews that have been submitted and awards those hotels, resorts, restaurants, airlines and destinations that have earned the greatest number of positive reviews and once again, our guests have pushed us to great heights.

TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel website and according to them, the winners of the 13th Travellers’ Choice Awards were determined based on millions of reviews and opinions of site users worldwide, collected over a 12-month period. This year the awards showcased more than 8,151 winning properties worldwide, covering eight regions around the globe.

In Thailand there are 4,803 hotels listed in TripAdvisor with 653 in Phuket.  The Surin beach area has 62 of those and The Chava Resort consistently ranks #2 in Surin beach and #6 in all of Phuket.  With this latest award we are now ranked #6 among family resorts in all of Thailand and that’s up 4 places from our ranking last year.

The entire team at The Chava is focused on delivering a spectacular resort experience for everyone that walks through our doors.  Whether couples on their honeymoon, groups of friends on holiday together or families enjoying the beach and the sights, we take the time to understand what they want most from their time with us and then we make every effort to give them exactly that.

This is especially true for families where parents and children often measure the success of a vacation on very different things.  First however, the environment the resort creates is critical.  A family friendly resort isn’t going to have wild parties running all night long.  They aren’t going to have throngs of wacky college students going crazy on spring break.  The resort isn’t going to be chock full of exotic foods without also having simple kid friendly dishes for the little guys.  The Chava Resort provides a great environment kids love and parents can relax in without a single worry.

The Chava also helps families organize tours, activities and even time separately so kids and parents can have their own unique experiences.  Parents can take a specially prepared beach bag to Surin beach while the kids enjoy a great time at the neighboring Kids Club where they can enjoy all sorts of fun activities that will keep them very happy all day long.

Last, but certainly not least, are the apartments at our resort.  The first thing everyone comments on is how spacious they are. And the adults appreciate how well appointed they are.  There is plenty of space to spread out and relax and that means, no stress.  You aren’t going to be tripping over each other and getting annoyed.

We pull all of this together with a staff that is dedicated to providing the highest standard of service with a warm and friendly smile that leaves no doubt that you are a welcome guest.  We really do enjoy what we do and it shows.  That is why we are always so highly rated and especially why we are rated the 6th best family resort in all of Thailand.

Join us for your next holiday and let us earn your appreciation and maybe another great guest review.  Book today or contact us for more information.

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